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Last week London Marathon tips!


How are the nerves holding up? Sunday will be an unbelievable experience and will feel more like a carnival than a marathon (until mile 22 anyway!).

Your training is finished and in the bank waiting for you to make a collection on Sunday. Some people will have saved more than others but that will not affect the advice I have for you for the last week.

Expo - The last few days before the race is all about resting up and relaxing. Your trip to the expo will be really exciting for you but my advice is do not stay on your feet for too long. Try and visit during quiet times and on the first 2 days as Friday and Saturday is manic. Stay hydrated and carry a water bottle around with you! P.s. You will instantly improve by 5 mins if you come and see me on the 'Lornah Sports' stand (No. 170).

Diet – In the final week it is easy to put on ‘unnecessary weight’ by eating lots of pasta and rice. When people think of carbo-loading they picture themselves shoveling buckets of pasta into them. Do not confuse carbo-loading with an all you can eat contest!

My advice is do not over complicate things. Friday and Saturday evening have a meal with lots of carbohydrate (pasta, rice, couscous, potatoes or UGALI if you’re Kenyan). Fill the tank up but there's not reason to go over the top!

Drink- Try and keep yourself hydrated from now onwards (2 litres of water a day!). My suggestion is to selotape a water bottle to your hand and keep sipping away all day. Stay away from alcohol (one pint or glass might be ok) but if you do make sure you hydrate yourself after! Stay away from strong coffee or tea the day before as this will dehydrate you. Do not go crazy with too much water because if you do you start wash out too much sodium!

Rest- My best advice is to get a decent sleep Friday night and of course the night before. You might be excited and nervous the night before so you should stock up on sleep Friday night.

Plan race day - Pack everything you need on Friday or Saturday so you have the chance to replace missing items. Also work out your route and maybe check for any problems with travel.

Race day clothes - I do not recommend new clothes or trainers at this stage. Running in new clothes is a recipe for disaster because you may find out half way through the top your wearing is really chaffing. Maybe put any new clothes your planning to wear through the wash.


Race Tips -

Remember not to get carried away at the start otherwise you will regret it. Stay calm and break the race down into different stages.

Stage 1 First 6 miles - nice and easy, calm and collective.

Stage 2 Halfway - evaluate how you are feeling and how comfortable you feel. Stick to your race plan and save your energy for ...

Stage 3 The final 6 miles - They say there are two parts to a marathon. The first 20 miles and the last 6! Be prepared for the last 6 miles to hurt and motivate yourself! Enjoy the crowd and think of how far you have come along.


I hope these are of help. If you have any other running questions please ask me on Twitter or our Facebook page

Love Lornah.

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